Our Laboratory

Biodesign C Building C388
Arizona State University
Tempe, Arizona 85287

PI Contact: Po-Lin Chiu, Ph.D. | Biodesign C377 | 480 727 2058 |

Lab Equipment

Ultracentrifuges, incubators for insect and mammalian cell cultures, Akta FPLC, Akta Start, Shimazu UPLC system, voltage generator with oscilloscopes, and six high-performance GPU workstations. 

ASU Research Facilities

Eyring Materials Center - Thermo Fischer/FEI Vitrobot Mark IV automated plunger, manual plunger, Helios, Talos L120C TEM, Philips CM12 TEM, FEI Tecnai TF20 TEM, FEI Titan ETEM/K3/GIF, Thermo Fisher/FEI Titan Krios TEM/K2. 

Research Computing facility.

If you are interested in joining or visiting us, please feel free to contact us!